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Universalis Imperium is recruiting.

Universalis Imperium is recruiting.

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UVIM: A Corporate Survivor

Founded 10 years ago by the current CEO's ex-main character, Squall Derringer, UVIM was an Empire-ratting, missioning, and mining corp formed by a group of real life friends.

After a year's break, the CEO started to play again with his highest SP alt: Akima Jarka. Akima is still the CEO of UVIM today.

In 2009 UVIM left for 0.0 space, initially joining the alliance Stargate Experiment 626. After participating in other successful and not-so-successful alliances, UVIM found its current home in The Bastion.

PvP-Focused 0.0 Corp

UVIM is PvP first, all else second. To support our PvP, we participate in 0.0 industry, logistics, SRP, PvP training classes, and anything else require of a 0.0 corp.

We have had a 95-percent kill efficiency for almost 4 straight years.

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Contact Us

If you are looking to join UVIM, please click the Join UVIM button above. Also join the channel: UNIVERSALIS IMPERIUM

If you need a diplo, please use the ingame 'show info' button to see our current list of diplos.

All other questions can be directed to Akima Jarka in game.

Universalis Imperium offers: