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Universalis Imperium
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  • Is UVIM For You?

    We may or may not be the right corp for you. We are not so much interested in what your character can do, but who is BEHIND the character and what they can do. In short, we want to know the character of the player behind the character. We are seeking members who are willing to work hard with us to make Universalis Imperium one of the best corps in EvE. We need members who will be teammates, who put the interests of the corp on equal footing of their the own advancement. We want players who are reasonably active in corp chats, alliance, and the forums, and make playing EvE fun. We want members who will be self-starters and organize themselves rather than wait for a corp director to point out what needs to be done. We need members who are willing to advance in our corp and take on roles and responsibility. It is frustrating to be in a corp, where you are always willing to do the grunt work, and no one else is. By joining us, you will be with a growing corp with people like you, all willing to work together to achieve long-term goals. 

    UVIM is a member of The Bastion Alliance in The Imperium. We are PvP with industry. As a member of UVIM, you will join a corp which has been around years, having seasoned leadership with long-term plans. As a member of UVIM, you will fly regularly with your Corp Mates, Bastion Alliance mates, and The Imperium. With us, you will be able to explore, rat, and plex in upgraded systems for ISK making. If you have not PvP before then we want to teach you. 

  • Need a quick list of what we offer? 

    • PvP, from small gang to mega fleets with great FC's.
    • Access to the great, leveled up, 0.0 space. 
    • Access to ABC ores to mine. Corp will buy ore so you don't have to haul it to Jita!
    • No POS living, our alliance has stations/citadels and access to all of The Imperium's stations/citadels. 
    • Ship replacement program for PvP ships (alliance ran program).
    • Logistics do get your stuff out to 0.0. Access to jumpbridges.
    • Lots of Eve experience from long time vets.
    • Discounts on corp made ships, including Capital Ships.
  • Requirements for Joining UVIM

    Every potential recruit should meet the following:

    • A willingness to Learn to PvP if you have not already done so. Many top killers were former carebears. OR
    • A dedicated Industrial or Miner. 
    • An interview with one of our recruiters and a potential recruit MUST pass a background check.
    • TS3, IRC, Mumble, forums (3 different ones), and Jabber clients are all required.
    • FULL API with no expiration date will be kept on record (required by UVIM, The Bastion, and The IMP)
    • We are flexible on a few of the above. If you don't meet everything, talk to us and convince us why YOU are good for UVIM.



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